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We look after all your cooling and heating products along with other appliances and their service plans.

Energy monitoring

We guide you on the safe consumption of electricity and energy monitoring plans to the customers.

Repairs & Inspections

Get the repair and monthly inspection packages designed for your home with highly trained professionals.

IRG Power- Making Your Life Easy

IRG energy is one of the leading authorized dealers of energy retailers across the United States. We design customized plans and packages according to the client's requirements. Our main aim is to provide energy to the customers that do not cost them a lot. Our teams ensure that you are in touch with the right provider in your area. You can always get a custom-made plan as per your need. Our services are not limited to residential customers only.

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Budget-Friendly, Dependable, And Efficient Energy Tools

IRG Power- Your Energy Companion







Get The Best Energy Supplier-IRG Power

Over time, we have gained the trust of the customers when it comes to providing energy. IRG Power is changing the energy dynamics in your area by offering the best service. Our teams are working effortlessly to provide you with the best. We ensure you get the best customer care and assistance with all your energy-related queries.

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  • Customer Care
  • Optimize Energy Plans
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Secure Payments

Fixed Plans

We have fixed plans for you to choose from. You can lock up the energy rates according to your requirements every month until the end of your term.

Technical Support

Customer Care

We offer the best customer service in town. We work closely with the consumers so they can easily communicate with us regarding their energy problems.

Customer Care

Smart Energy Solutions

We provide the best innovative solutions to the customers. They can even design their plans according to their needs to help them save.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is IRG Power?

IRG Power is one of the leading authorized energy retailers contacting you with the best energy supplier in your area. We let you design your plan seamlessly. We make the process of switching for you easy.

Q: Do you have a customer support department?

Yes, we have a devoted and enthusiastic customer support department, which works round the clock to solve all your problems and queries.

Q: How do you get in contact with the suppliers directly?

We like to make the best deal for our customers. The clients can request or call a meeting with their favorite supplier before making the final call.